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Corporate Kayak Trips

Executive Retreats, Employee Outings, Morale Boosters, Challenge Courses and more.


As a business owner ourselves we too are always looking for ways to improve morale, increase employee participation, or new ideas on how we can become a better business. There are thousands of articles and ideas on what you should do and plenty more on what you should not do when planning any type of employee retreat or outing. Our staff at SBO is committed to creating and experience that fits your needs.


We start at well the beginning, What does your company represent what is its mission and how we can help you get there. Our planning guide will allow you to get your paddle in the water and tailor a program that fits the desired goals. Team-building, Unit Cohesion, Morale Boosters, or simple retreats that allow the team to focus on themselves by relaxing and reconnecting. Below are just a few of our trip ideas designed for businesses that are looking for something different to inspire and move the team forward.

Reconnect Kayaking Trip


A 5 mile section containing a some great teaser rapids for individual skill development as well as opportunities for group and unit cohesion in some of the long flat water stretches. Just south of Selinsgrove this section borders the State Game Lands and provides ample wildlife with Bald Eagles, and White Tail Deer sightings common on this trip. This trip is enjoyable for both the beginners as well as the seasoned pros. This trip ends at SBO providing opportunities for campfire conversations or enjoy a catered meal and watch the sunset or participate in a game of horse shoes.


DISTANCE: 5 miles

TIME: ½-day

LEVEL: Beginner



COST: $60-125 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment/activities selected.

Rock Bottom Kayaking Trip


This day trip allows you to customize your time on the water with multiple access points your trip can be a short 5 mile 1/2 day trip up to a 12 mile full day on the Penns Creek. You will cover some of the most beautiful water and scenery in the state as the creek twists and turns its way along. Your trip ends at the Cabins at Rock Bottom. 2 unique cabins with and eccentric twist on recycle and reuse. Spend the night or the evening around the campfire. Catering as well as a Pavilion are also available.


DISTANCE: 5-12 creek miles

TIME: ½-day/full day

LEVEL: Intermediate



COST: $60-325 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment selected.

Inspiration Kayakng Trip


Nature has been inspiring invention for hundreds of years. From Velcro to Vehicles nature has inspired us. Find your inspiration as you spend a day on the beautiful Susquehanna River. A historic section of the Susquehanna river filled with islands to explore and swimming holes that bring the kid out in all of us. This trip can be customized to fit your needs with multiple access points and trip lengths from simple half day retreats to multiple day with overnights on the islands.


DISTANCE: 5-10 River Miles

TIME: ½-day/full day/overnight

LEVEL: Beginner



COST: $60-325 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment selected.

Float and Soak Kayakng Trip


Some days it is all about just floating along and soaking in the environment. This full day trip covers the last 5-10 miles of the famous Penns Creek. Predominately flat water this is a great section for beginners and those looking to simply relax and enjoy. A favorite of our staff especially when armed with a super soaker. Your trip ends at SBO providing opportunities for a campfire or enjoy the sunset on the deck at the shack.


DISTANCE: 5-10 creek miles

TIME: full day

LEVEL: Beginner



COST: $60-125 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment selected.


While large rapids of Class III and above are typically only found during floods the water still contains risks some hidden even at normal heights. Strainers which like their name only allow water to pass through and are a risk. Each trip is rated from "Easy Peazy" to eat your "Wheaties" When choosing a trip remember to stay in your lane and if in doubt "Scout it Out".

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"Easy Peazy" Predominately Flat Water with some small rapids Class 1 or lower. Beginner trips are less than 10 miles in length. Easy access to emergency aid.


Small Rapids Class I to Class II depending on water height narrow passages, twists and turns and a trip length of 10 or more miles. Limited emergency access.


Eat your "Wheaties" These are full day trips covering 10+ miles. Home to some of the remote sections of the water often having extremely limited emergency access. Multi-Activity and trips designed to challenge you both physically and mentally.