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It Ain't Easy Being Green

At Stone Barn Outfitters we practice the principals of "Leave No Trace". Our facility is a recycled chicken coop. We purchase products made from recycled materials whenever possible and repurpose as much as we can. With everything in life the right thing to do is not often the easiest. That being said, we are committed to doing the best we can. We recycle and reuse, repurpose, buy local and turn the lights off. What are you committed to?


We believe that a business can operate successfully and still have a minimal or positive impact on the environment and community in which we all live. Thirty years ago being green was more than likely referring to a frog or drinking too much. Perceptions and ideas change over the years, and today we use buzz words like environmental commitment and sustainability or our favorite eco-tourism. While you can use all the cool words available, we prefer to just do the right thing and encourage others to do the same. Contact us to discuss any specific questions you may have or visit Leave No Trace.


1% For The Planet

1% For The PlanetStone Barn Outfitters is a proud member of 1% For The Planet. As part of our commitment to the environment, we donate 1% of our sales (not just profits) to organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment.


1% For The Planet is an alliance of companies that recognize the true cost of doing business and donate 1% of sales to nonprofit environmental organizations worldwide. Please visit


Fresh from the Farm

We use local and organic products as much as possible on our trips. This helps ensure a healthy environment and supports the local economy. Specifically, this includes some of the following:

  • Ethical and fresh coffee. We don't think coffee can really get any better! We drink locally roasted, fair-trade, organic, coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC.
  • We purchase our vegetables from the Stoffer family, an old order Mennonite family that still farms our land today.
  • All salmon that we serve on our trips is wild pacific salmon from Wild for Salmon.
  • The delicious breads we serve on our trips are from local bakeries or made fresh here on the farm.
  • Local meats are always the best, and we use them all.
  • We compost all organic waste and use the soil to enrich our vineyard.



Community is a huge part of why we do what we do here. We care for our community and support it through our business. Through purchasing locally and hiring local staff we support those around us. Our business is based year-round in historic Selinsgrove, PA. Spring, summer, fall, or winter there is always something happening in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley and most times you will find us there - perhaps in a stand educating our youth on the principles of being green or enjoying the many festivals and street fairs.


So whether you are green, feeling green, or just interested in how you can personally make a difference we encourage you to get educated and get involved.


Pal“There is only one you
and one only one earth; so, treat them both the best,”
~ Pal.