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Our attention to detail, commitment to safety, insistence on quality and exceptional customer service keep groups coming back to SBO and the Susquehanna River Valley year after year. We know each group of kayakers and outdoor adventure seekers is unique and desires an adventure experience that is solely their own. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to plan a group kayaking trip or adventure getaway that fits your group's budget and exceeds your expectations. Just give us a call and don't forget to check out our vacation packages and ideas about multi-activity group adventure options.


Groups Get It with SBO

Here's a sampling of the kayaking or adventure vacation services and amenities available for groups planning a visit to the Stone Barn Outfitters and the Susquehanna River Valley:

  • Customized group trip planning services (activities, lodging, special requirements for your group)
  • Non-profit discounts
  • Variety of lodging (budget to deluxe)
  • Variety of dining and catering options
  • Private shuttles to/between adventures and SBO


Each Group Is Unique

We create adventures that meet your group's needs. We work with you to plan a group outing that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations. In a nut shell, we get it and will do everything we can to create an experience that works for you. From hours to days, what you need and what you get are up to you. As Pal would say, “Anyone can rent you a kayak, but people want a complete experience; so, give them an experience.”


With that in mind, we have committed to these principles and have designed trips for a complete experience from the produce stand at the gates of the property selling fresh local produce to the catered retreats offering fresh local contemporary cuisine, campfires, cabins, campgrounds and more. So, let’s get started and we will see you on the water.


As group organizer, it is important that you select an appropriate trip for your entire group. Factors to take into account include age range, ability, experience and fitness level. Our trips and multi-sport activities are all rated from “Easy Peazy” to “Eat Your Wheaties” to help you determine which activity is right for everyone. There are reasons we set age and weight restrictions. Luckily we have taken out all of the guesswork for you; visit our trips page, download a copy of our group planning guide or contact our friendly staff to get more information on planning the perfect trip for your group.



Executive Retreats, Employee Outings, Morale Boosters, Challenge Courses, Etc.


As business owners we are always looking for ways to improve morale, increase employee participation, and become a better business. There are thousands of articles and ideas on what you should do and plenty more on what you should not do when planning any type of employee retreat or outing. Our staff at SBO is committed to creating an experience that fits your needs.


We start at the beginning: What does your company represent? What is its mission and how can we help you get there? Our planning guide will allow you to get your paddle in the water and tailor a program that fits your desired goals. Team-building, Unit Cohesion, Morale Boosters, or simple retreats can allow the team to focus on themselves by relaxing and reconnecting.

Simply put, people are just people; but, as much as we are all the same, we are all uniquely different. What motivates one will slow another down. What challenges one may not challenge another. As a leader your goal is to get a uniquely different group of people to work together to meet a common goal; we are here to help you build your team and face the challenges ahead.


“In life, we all need to have the ability to look at things from a different perspective,” sincerely Pal.



Educational groups from both public and private sectors have enjoyed outdoor adventures with us. Kayaking is one of the most popular activities providing faculty the opportunity to focus upon team-building, as well as individual accomplishment.


We also customize our school group trips to students of all ages. U.S. history and natural history come alive in an entertaining environment.

  • University/college students will be thrilled and entertained on trips designed just for them. Looking for a place to host your formal Greek event or an activity to raise funds for your club?  We’ll help you organize a fun-filled event everyone will enjoy and stay within your budget.
  • Middle and high school groups are offered their own special adventures, and we can tailor our activities to meet the needs and interests of younger folks as well.


The education of our youth in all aspects of life is important to us whether it is exploring natural history or learning and developing good social skills. Education is something we feel you can never have too much of.


“Life is full of teachable moments. The wisdom is knowing which lessons to teach,” Pal.


Scouting Groups

We love hosting scouting groups - many of us are scouts ourselves!  Scouts are always welcome on any adventure, but here is an example of a popular choice tailored to the scouting program:


1-Day Kayaking  Merit Badge Trip
This day trip with classroom time will prepare scouts for their initial kayaking experience by introducing the skills and equipment required, with an emphasis on safety and self-protection.



  • 1-day of kayaking instruction
  • Transportation, guides, necessary equipment, and meals


Church Groups

Looking for an interesting time of fellowship for your youth?  Or perhaps you need an adult retreat to recharge and rejuvenate spiritual batteries. Experiencing outdoor activities together is a wonderful way to have fun and bond as a group - teamwork, trust and perseverance are required to complete challenges successfully!  You’ll find all the tools you need to make sure your message is delivered.


Service Personnel: Military / Firefighters / Police Groups

The Boss has worn combat boots, Saluted the Ensign, and worn a badge. So we get it and understand the demands both physical and mental that our service men and women and their families endure. As they are committed to the cause, we are committed to insuring that while with us families, friends, partners, and co-workers have an opportunity to take off the boots, relax and reconnect.  Military and safety personnel (and their families) are always welcome with special military discounts and service personnel discounts. SBO is a supporter, as well as, an alumni to the Wounded Warrior Project and is committed to helping injured service members with unique and custom trips designed to help our warriors reconnect with themselves and the world we live in.


“We got your back,” Pal.