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Service Personnel, Military, Fire and Police Kayak Trips

The Boss has worn combat boots, Saluted the Ensign, and worn a badge. So we get it and understand the demands both physical and mental that our men and woman and their families endure. As they are committed to the cause we to are committed to insuring that while with us families, friends, partners, and co-workers have an opportunity to take off the boots, relax and reconnect. Military and Safety personnel (and their families) are always welcome with special military discounts and service personnel discounts. SBO is a supporter as well as an Alumni to the Wounded Warrior Project and is committed to helping injured service members with unique and custom trips designed to help our warriors reconnect with themselves and the world we live in. We got your back, Pal

Service Personnel Kayaking Trip


From wide open spaces to hidden coves along the many islands that call the Susquehanna home This trip offers both, and with multiple access points allow you to tailor your time on the water to fit your mission needs. So whether you are looking to challenge yourself or simply soak in the views and decompress, Follow Me! Starting at the beautiful Shady nook and continuing south past the Isle of Que, Fishers Island and Kinney Island as well as several smaller islands until reaching the tip of Hoovers Island.


DISTANCE: 5-15 River Miles

TIME: ½-day/full day/Overnight

LEVEL: Beginner



COST: $60-125 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment/activities selected.

Seven Bridges Kayaking Trip


The Warrior is a minimum two day multi activity covering over 15 Creek miles and up to 25 miles of biking and hiking trails. With overnight camping at both Bald Eagle State Forest and the Cabins at Rock Bottom you can be as tough as you want. With multiple access points we can create a trip to challenge you and your team or simply unplug you from the plugged in world. Hours to Days what you need and what you get is up to you.


DISTANCE: 15 creek miles, up to 25 land miles

TIME: minimum 2 day multi-activity

LEVEL: Advanced



COST: $325-525 per person, depending on length of trip and equipment/activities selected.


While large rapids of Class III and above are typically only found during floods the water still contains risks some hidden even at normal heights. Strainers which like their name only allow water to pass through and are a risk. Each trip is rated from "Easy Peazy" to eat your "Wheaties" When choosing a trip remember to stay in your lane and if in doubt "Scout it Out".

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"Easy Peazy" Predominately Flat Water with some small rapids Class 1 or lower. Beginner trips are less than 10 miles in length. Easy access to emergency aid.


Small Rapids Class I to Class II depending on water height narrow passages, twists and turns and a trip length of 10 or more miles. Limited emergency access.


Eat your "Wheaties" These are full day trips covering 10+ miles. Home to some of the remote sections of the water often having extremely limited emergency access. Multi-Activity and trips designed to challenge you both physically and mentally.